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Data Center


A data center is a physical facility used to store important applications and data.

The main function of a Data Center is to act as a repository for storing, processing and distributing corporate data to users, therefore security and reliability are essential to ensure business continuity and avoid any interruption.

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HPC calculation solutions - A.I.


The acronym HPC (High Performance Computing) refers to the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speed.

HPC solutions can perform millions of billions of calculations per second, one of the best known is the supercomputer that exploits parallel processing, i.e. thousands of computing nodes that work together to perform one or more tasks.

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A computer network consists of nodes such as computers, switches, and routers that use fiber optic cables or wireless signals to share and communicate information.

The operation of the network is marked by protocols (IP Internet Protocol) which are strings of numbers, through which the nodes exchange and receive information.

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The term cybersecurity refers to all those tools and technologies whose function is to protect computer systems from external attacks.

People, by following basic security principles such as: strong passwords, do not open unknown attachments and back up data; processes and technology such as: next-generation firewall, DNS filtering, antivirus and malware protection.

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Our partners



Our company takes care of installing and providing assistance for the assembly and maintenance of everything related to the IT part in the university environment.

We provide universities or school complexes, in general, with solutions to the avant-garde both in terms of hardware and software to promote technological development and teaching in the "education" sector.

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Public administration


Our company is registered both on the MePA platform and on the START platform in order to supply and deliver services to the public administration.

In both systems, the it is similar: the reference bodies publish the tenders of the PA, the interested suppliers who possess the requisites send their offers pertaining to the published tenders and tenders. The PA will be able to conclude or process, through the tools available, negotiations and place purchase orders.

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Some customers

Africa Cup Of Nations
All.Co Group
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
SEA ambiente
Carlo Colombo Spa
Fondazione Monasterio
CoGeDi International Spa

We collaborate with a professional web agency


We have been collaborating with idSign a professional web agency for several years, thanks to this consolidated collaboration, we can offer our customers a wide range of services and consultancy also in the world of the web.

Websites, eCommerce, Mobile Apps, Webapps, Cloud Applications, System Integration, Marketing Strategies, Social, Design