IT supplies for Universities

Our company takes care of installing and providing assistance for the assembly and maintenance of everything related to the IT part in the University environment.

We supply universities or school complexes, in general, with cutting-edge solutions both from a hardware and software point of view to promote technological development and teaching in the "education" sector.

The set of technologies for teaching consists of all those hardware or software tools and all those technologies, which can be used to facilitate student learning and teaching by professors.

We take care to provide, using the best manufacturers in the sector, multimedia technologies for teaching such as PCs, servers, notebooks, multimedia interactive whiteboards, tablets and smartphones themselves and all the services necessary for correct functioning within the complex "education", computer networks, servers, and still all those hardware and software means that the digital revolution has introduced into every aspect of our lives and which are entering the classrooms, profoundly modifying the students' learning processes.

With new technologies it is quite easy to create virtual environments, simulations, which help the student to develop the critical thinking.

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Some customers

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All.Co Group
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
SEA ambiente
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