What is cybersecurity and what are the threats to defend against

The term cybersecurity refers to all those tools and technologies whose function is to protect computer systems from external attacks.

People, by following basic security principles such as: strong passwords, do not open unknown attachments and back up data; processes and technology such as: next-generation firewall, DNS filtering, antivirus and malware protection. All three must be integrated with each other to create an effective defense, capable of accelerating the main functions of security operations.

Networks, clouds, computers, smart devices and routers must be protected against cyber attacks to prevent identity theft, extortion attempts, loss of important data, etc. But what are the threats from which we must defend ourselves?

  • Phishing: are fraudulent emails that look like emails from trusted sources, aiming to steal sensitive data such as credit card numbers or login information. It is the most common type of cyber attack.
  • Ransomware: it is a system that aims to request a ransom in cash, after having blocked access to a file or to an entire computer system. Recovery of seized systems or files is not guaranteed.
  • Malware: is software designed to harm a computer or to gain unauthorized access to it.
  • Social engineering: this is a tactic used by hackers to trick the user into revealing sensitive information via one of the above systems.

The cybersecurity, therefore, deals with the protection of data from unauthorized access, while computer security also protects data from legal and authorized access. These two forms of security are equally important to any computer system.

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