What does Data Center mean?

A Data Center is a physical facility used to store important applications and data. This is all made possible using:

  • IT systems: all those functions, applications, technological networks and procedures which integrated with each other, make a series of useful information available to the user.
  • Network equipment and hardware needed to ensure continuous connectivity with IT systems to the Internet or other business networks
  • Everything needed to keep data center hardware up to date and running such as climate control systems and server coolers, electrical switches, backup generators and power supplies

The main function of a Data Center is to act as a repository for storing, processing and distributing corporate data to the users, therefore security and reliability are essential to guarantee operational continuity and avoid any interruption.

The data center infrastructure consists of three main elements, which are necessary for the functioning of the computing environment

  • Processing resources: the engine of the data center are the applications. The servers that compose them provide the processing capacity, memory, local storage and network connectivity for applications to be used
  • Network Infrastructure: Connects servers (physical and virtual), data center services, storage, and external connectivity to end users.
  • Storage: data are stored in primary and backup storage devices, they are the most important part of the Data Center

This infrastructure is complemented by a support system to ensure proper functioning and avoid disruptions:

  • Ventilation and cooling systems: there are sensors that monitor the air flow, temperature and humidity at all times and ensure that they remain within the permitted range.
  • Server racks: they are structures (racks) which, like specially designed cabinets and shelves, contain the servers.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies and generators: as we said, it is important that the Data Center be always operational, so to remedy power failures these groups are used which guarantee operation for a long time.
  • Cable Management and Cabling Systems: hundreds of miles of cables and fiber optics connect these immense structures and it's important that they stay organized and managed in an easily accessible manner.

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