Members of MePA and START where the demand of the Public Administration and the offer of companies meet.

Our company is registered both on the MePA platform (electronic market for Public Administrations) and on the START platform (Regional Purchasing Electronic System of Tuscany) in order to be able to supply and deliver services to the Public Administration.

In both systems, the functioning is similar: the reference Bodies (Consip for MePA and the Tuscany Region for START) publish the tenders of the Public Administration, the interested suppliers who possess the requisites send their offers concerning the tenders and the contracts published.

The Public Administration will be able to conclude or negotiate, through the tools available, the negotiations and place the purchase orders.

MePA is a public e-procurement tool managed by Consip on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in order to promote an innovative model for optimizing public procurement.

In this market, the Public Administration purchases goods or services, offered by suppliers with an average turnover of at least 25,000 euros, and with amounts below the threshold of 200,000 euros.

The purchases are made according to the rules and conditions defined by Consip for each product qualification tender.

START, on the other hand, is an e-procurement tool aimed above all at the regional territory. It allows to carry out open, restricted and negotiated tenders for the assignment of supplies, services, public works and design using entirely computerized methods.

The collaboration between the Tuscany Region and the local Authorities has made it possible to create a system capable of responding to the needs of all administrations. One of the focal strengths is to have a single list of suppliers on a regional basis, favoring on the one hand economies deriving from a wider supplier base and on the other giving the possibility of interacting with the Public Administration in simple, transparent and less expensive processes.

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